U-S House passes aid for Ukraine and Israel

by | Apr 20, 2024 | Government, Ted Schubel

Saturday on Capitol Hill, the House approved $95 billion in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies.  Here’s the statement from Congresswoman Spanberger:

Today, serious lawmakers did their jobs, voted to maintain our standing in the world, and demonstrated the power and goodwill of the United States of America. In contrast, the voices calling for America’s retreat from the world stage were ignored — and history will remember their weakness, if it will remember them at all.
This package — largely identical to legislation the U.S. Senate passed with 70 votes in February — delivers long overdue aid to our allies in Ukraine in their war against Putin’s army. Additionally, it provides security assistance to Taiwan, defensive support to Israel, and vital humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza and the West Bank. These are priorities not just for global stability, but for America’s national security.
Russia is ramping up weapons production, Iran is destabilizing the Middle East, and China is deploying military forces closer to the shores of Taiwan. We are in a moment of great global uncertainty — and the United States must stand with our allies and partners around the world. I urge the U.S. Senate to quickly pass this legislation and send it to the President’s desk.


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