Stafford Schools honors staff service

by | Apr 26, 2024 | ALLFFP, Schools & Education, Stafford

Stafford County Public Schools hosted its annual Years of Service ceremony to honor and recognize the dedication and commitment of its staff members. Held at Brooke Point High School Thursday, the ceremony celebrated employees reaching milestones of service with the school district. Distinguished guests, including Senator Jeremy McPike and Delegate Joshua Cole, were in attendance, showcasing their support for public education.

“This ceremony serves as a collective reminder of the vital role that our teachers and support staff play in shaping the lives of students and strengthening the community,” said Maya Guy, vice-chair, Stafford County School Board. “I am so proud that each honoree continues to choose Stafford.”

More than 425 honorees were recognized for their years of service, ranging from five to 45 years, symbolizing their dedication to ensuring each student is Prepared to Excel. Michael Brooks of H.H. Poole Middle School was recognized as the most tenured educator, serving Stafford Schools with distinction for 45 years.

Superintendent Thomas W. Taylor concluded the event with heartfelt remarks, expressing gratitude to all attendees and emphasizing the collective impact of their efforts on the school community. He commended the honorees for their unwavering commitment to students and their dedication to excellence in education.

“Each one of the honorees has helped students build meaningful relationships with trusted adults who understand their needs. This continuity fosters a sense of belonging and security, empowering students to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence,” Taylor said. “Stafford Schools is truly a community, where every student, every staff member, and every family excels together. I am proud that so many high-quality staff members continually choose Team Stafford.”

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