A ‘true jewel’ in Caroline celebrates 101 years with family and friends

by | May 1, 2024 | ALLFFP, Caroline

When Caroline County centenarian Carrie Baker saw Sheriff Scott Moser at her 101st birthday celebration on Tuesday, she was enamored by him in his sharp uniform. 

“You look so pretty,” Baker told Moser. 

Moser said he’s heard many adjectives to describe him, but that was a new one. He jokingly turned down a plate of food because he wanted to remain “pretty.” 

Moser was one of approximately 100 guests who visited Baker for her open-house birthday gathering that was held over several hours to allow well-wishers ample opportunity to visit. 

Her granddaughter, Caroline’s Promise Executive Director Shermeka Baker-Latney, said the goal was to have 101 guests stop by to bring a card and celebrate with the former homemaker — who gave birth to 10 children and is now the “Mother of the Church” at Macedonia Baptist in Woodford. 

Moser said he was impressed by Baker’s wit, noting that he first met her this past weekend at a fashion show fundraiser. 

“What a wonderful lady,” Moser said. “She is just so awesome, and it’s so impressive that she’s got it together. She’s just a lovely lady and I enjoyed spending time with her.” 

Shermeka Baker-Latney (left) celebrated her grandmother, Carrie Baker’s, 101st birthday Tuesday in Caroline County.

Carrie Baker’s daughter, Charity Baker, primarily helps her mother keep it together. Baker-Latney said that her Aunt Charity operates as her grandmother’s caretaker.  They’re also traveling partners, attending church together and taking monthly visits to the hair salon and podiatrist.  

“If I go, she goes,” Charity Baker said. “She doesn’t miss an event that I can go to.” 

Baker-Latney said her grandmother is a “true jewel and blessing to our community.” She also said Carrie Baker is a “prayer warrior” who constantly encouraged her as she turned her life around. On Tuesday, her grandmother told her that she is proud of her. 

“She told me to keep doing good,” Baker-Latney said. 

Carrie Baker has 26 grandchildren, and she also has great-great-great grandchildren. Charity Baker said she never shared a secret to her longevity but added, “we’re not made of the same stuff she was.” 

“It is a blessing to have her here and my prayer to God is that I’ll be here to take care of her,” Charity Baker said. “I ask God to keep me here, so I can take care of my mom.” 

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