River rescue

by | May 10, 2024 | Police and Fire, Ted Schubel

Stafford Fire and Rescue says on May 8th, members of the SCFR Technical Rescue Group were conducting annual swift water rescue skills validation at the Rappahannock River in the area of First Drop. During training, downstream safeties were in place along the river to assist our personnel should the need arise.

While posted as a safety, Fire Fighter T. Loane witnessed an individual attempt to swim across the river in the area of jump rock. While attempting to swim across, the individual began to struggle.  Loane deployed his water rescue rope bag, but the panicked victim was unable to hold onto the rope. Stafford Fire and Rescue says Loane then entered the water and successfully rescued the victim. Once on shore, the victim declined evaluation and left the area.

The Stafford Swift Water Rescue team says the Rappahannock River is a wonderful place for recreation, but it’s important to note that it can also be dangerous. Wearing a personal flotation device and being aware of the river conditions are always recommended.

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