Stafford authorities hope to quickly identify drugs with new device

by | May 16, 2024 | Police and Fire, Stafford, Ted Schubel

The Stafford Sheriff’s Office has obtained a TruNarc Analyzer. A press release says: “Dangerous substances like fentanyl continue to pose a threat to people of all ages, but sometimes can be hard to identify. In order to remain one step ahead on the war on drugs, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office has obtained a TruNarc Analyzer.”

TruNarc is a drug identification device that uses Raman spectroscopy to scan and detect substances at the molecular level. The unknown substance is then compared to hundreds of drugs and precursors until the substance is identified, usually taking less than 90 seconds.

The Sheriff’s Office says the approved field-testing kit is recognized by Virginia Courts to establish probable cause to obtain criminal charges, and can potentially save lives in emergency situations.

A press release says: “Each detective in our Special Investigations Unit, as well as our Drug Recognition Experts, have been trained to use this analyzer. This device is currently in use and will improve deputy’s ability to protect and serve in Stafford County. ” Photo courtesey Stafford Sheriff’s Office

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