John Prabhudoss. (Photo courtesy Prabhudoss)

7th Congressional District candidate questionnaire: John Prabhudoss

by | May 20, 2024 | ALLFFP, Government, Politics & Elections

The Fredericksburg Free Press asked candidates for the 7th Congressional District election to answer five questions in 250 words or less. The following responses are in the candidate’s own words and have only been edited for length or clarity. The primary election is June 18. The general election is Nov. 5.

What was the moment you decided to become involved in politics?  

When I realized wrong people with no principles or commitment to the values are getting elected that put personal interests, party interests and interests of the foreign governments instead of the interest of the people of America.  

If you were to win the primary, would you broaden your message to appeal to voters outside your own party? If so, how?  

I am an Indian American Christian and I believe the republican party must expand its reach and make alliances with people and groups who otherwise believe in the same values.   

The House of Representatives operates at the federal level. What will you do to ensure that the interests of your constituents in the 7th District are well represented?  

Our schools must be freed from the Federal dictates and all the schools in the district must be connected to fiber optics.   

The 95 corridor affects more than 75% of our residents in the 7th district. So I will put my efforts to make funds available so that we can build the highways gridlock-free and make our antiquated capital area transport infrastructure second to none in the world. 

I will work towards stimulating the economy by exempting small businesses that meets a threshold, from corporate income taxes. It will keep the money in the neighborhoods and revitalize the economy of small towns and communities instead of offering big tax breaks to large corporations that ship the money overseas tax havens. 

I will support finish building the wall and secure our borders. 

I will enhance the veterans care and address the issues such as PTSD to provide the best care money can buy for our veterans.  

I will protect the social security commitments made by our government and enhance the Medicare and medicaid for those need them  

What is the defining issue of this race?  

Inflation and border security. 

It’s Jan. 3, 2025. You have been newly inaugurated as part of the new United States Congress. What is your first course of action?  

Put together a coalition of members of congress to support a meaningful border security bill and a bill to help small businesses. 

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