Temporary traffic signal in place on Brooke Road in Stafford

by | Jun 12, 2024 | Stafford, Ted Schubel, Traffic

VDOT has activated the temporary traffic signal on Brooke Road in Stafford.  VDOT’s Kelly Hannon says this is planned maintenance project to stabilize a slope that supports Route 608 (Brooke Road) in Stafford County between Camp Geary Lane and Marlborough Point Road.

Traffic on Brooke Road will be permitted to pass through the work zone at all times. However, drivers can expect brief delays.

Hannon says the project is expected to be completed next month.   VDOT has hired a contractor to use a soil nail installer to create a retaining wall to support Brooke Road. The soil nail installer will drill holes beneath the road and insert steel rods approximately 20 ft. long into the ground. The rods are covered with a mesh wire net and anchored with bolts. The entire surface is then covered with a concrete material. A similar slope stabilization project was completed on a nearby section of Brooke Road in 2018.

Hannon says around 720 vehicles a day travel Brooke Road near the intersection with Marlborough Point Road.



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