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On tap highlight of the week:

Red Dragon’s Sideways Triple dry-hopped

If you liked our Sideways IPA than you’ll LOVE this version of Sideways, triple dry-hopped with mosaic, citra, and simcoe hops for an even MORE intense juice experience!



What’s on tap this week

Adventure Brewing

Expedition IPA (IPA)

An interesting update to plain old IPAs, Expedition IPA calls forth a blend of citrus and white wine hop flavors that temper a clean lightly malted grain background. Certain to satisfy the long time IPA lover, this beer avoids the hop punch associated with many IPAs.

Backpack Wheat (Hefeweizen)

No adventure is complete without a backpack, right? We brewed this traditional German-style beer with summer adventures in mind. It is refreshing and smooth, like any good summer wheat, but has citrus overtones. It’s the perfect beer to grab at the end of a scorching day of hard work and no orange slice is needed.
Spencer Devon
Red Dragon Brewery

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