Tis the Season for Small Shopping, Part 3

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Around Town, Columns, Kimberley Merritt

With the holiday approaching, Fredericksburg Today would like you to consider shopping small in Fredericksburg. We’ve sent Kimberley on a hunt for the most interesting places to find unique gifts for your friends and family this year. Check back each week until Christmas for information about what a few shops here in downtown Fredericksburg are offering.


By Kimberley Merritt

The holiday countdown is tick, tick, ticking away, and we’re here to help keep you full of ideas for shopping small in our small town. This week’s stores offer something that the big chains can’t. Keep reading to find it, too.



1109 Caroline St

Shopping at Pamdora’s not only supports a new small business in Fredericksburg, but it also supports the work of seven local artists. They have hand-painted ornaments where you can give the artist a picture of your pet and they will paint it on the ornament. Other holiday items include pinecone ornaments and Christmas stockings. This shop is a small community of artists who offer one-of-a-kind items, like sparkly headbands (think 1920’s style), pottery, photography of our small town, cold weather gear and other fiber works, and also jewelry. This just might be the store where you get a little extra something for yourself, too.


Fraser Wood Elements

1023 Caroline St

Upon entering the store, I found a unique and fun first impression with the staff kicking around some wood chips/saw dust on the floor. This store is one-of-a-kind, and that’s not just because of the fun sawdust experience. When I think wood, I think furniture, and they certainly have incredible furniture here, but they also find some really interesting and ornate ways to craft wood for other uses, too. They have turned pens, beautiful wooden-handled shave sets, even delicate cherry tree toppers, and other ornaments. Fraser Wood is the kind of play you go to buy gifts that will last a very long time. Their selection is vast, with wooden trucks and toys for youngsters, games like tic-ta-toe, military insignia that can be hung on the wall, trays with glass decanters and glass sets, items for the kitchen, and a guitar stand that looks like a guitar. This small business is the place to go if you’re looking to give something that will be treasured over the years.


Dog Krazy

307 William St

This store offers a variety of healthy options that’ll have your or a loved one’s furry friend enjoying the royal treatment this holiday season! One of the first things I noticed when I walked in is a pastry case full of baked goods, just for your furry friends. While browsing I learned that the owner is a pet nutritionist, so when they choose which treats to carry, they choose treats that help to keep Fido feeling his best. They also have a groomer in the store, and they carry a variety of toys, pet care supplies, and foods that you can’t find in the average grocery store. They even carry fresh foods for dogs. Whoever’s puppy you’re gifting for this Christmas, you’re sure to find something that is great for that four-legged friend.


We love to brag about the great work of Fredericksburg’s small businesses, so thank you for considering shopping small this holiday season. Next week will be the last of the series, so be sure to check back again for more great, last-minute shopping options! If you have been shopping small, please take some time on social media to share about the small businesses you’ve visited in Fredericksburg. Enjoy your holiday shopping and festivities this week!


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