Tis the Season for Small Shopping, Part 4

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Around Town, Columns, Kimberley Merritt

With the holiday quickly approaching, Fredericksburg Today would like you to consider shopping small in Fredericksburg. We’ve sent Kimberley on a hunt for the most interesting places to find unique gifts for your friends and family this year.


By Kimberley Merritt


Christmas is less than a week away, and we’ve got a few more places that you should consider for any last-minute gifting you’re looking to do. We hope you have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday, and to create some meaningful memories with your loved ones.


R & R Antiques

1001 Caroline St

What a lengthy list of treasures we have in the Antique Mall on Caroline Street. When I first walked into the store I saw what I thought to be rare old coins alongside artifacts from early America. The different booths in the store hold items that personify daily life throughout different timeframes from early America, all the way up to a more contemporary, sports-oriented booth in the back of the store. They also have booths that hold pop culture magazines, posters, media, and memorabilia from circa 1930 – 1965. Other booths hold furniture and household wares that hearken back to a variety of periods in America. If you know someone who collects rare antiques, take a slow stroll around this store. There’s so much to take in and admire. You don’t want to miss the best fit for your gift-buying needs.


PA Dutch

1013 Caroline St

Have you gone shopping for stocking stuffers, yet? If you haven’t, check out PA Dutch Food and Candy Co. They have individually wrapped sweets, and if you use them for stocking stuffers, Christmas could give Halloween a run for it’s money. If giant Gummy Bears, brandy beans, or ribbon candy have been requested, look no further. They also have sauces to give to the grill or kitchen enthusiast on your list. If you hop next door to PA Dutch Tea and Spice Co. you’ll find plenty of supplies for the picky (or not so picky) tea-drinker. They also have pre-mixed spices, like garam masala, that are commonly used in international dishes. If you know that someone on your list has been looking for something that isn’t always in the grocery store, check here. They also have cookbooks, a variety of cooking oils, and even some essential oils. This duo of stores offers a variety of items that your loved ones can savor.


Bike Works

104 William St

If you are looking for a gift that offers the opportunity for many shared memories, you may want to consider a bike, or bike gear. Whether you’re getting a first bike for a child, or if you’re looking to surprise an adult cyclist with the latest gear, this is the place for gift shopping. Because Bike Works has been in Fredericksburg since 1996, they can also connect customers with the local cycling community, and some of the best local places to ride. If it’s community you’re looking for, check out Bike Works. Repairs? They can take care of that, too. Gear? No sweat!

All that’s left is deciding how to wrap your gift for that splendid morning. Oh, and be sure your camera is ready to capture their reaction.


Thank you very much for considering shopping small in our community and for checking out our shopping small series each week. Don’t forget to share your favorite small business stories on social media and spread the cheer! We wish you the happiest of holidays, and the warmest of hearts during this season of love.

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