How Messy is Your Room?

by | Nov 19, 2015 | News

By Linda Clevenger

I just finished the second annual Messy Room Makeover with B101.5, College Hunks Hauling, Trivett’s Furniture and Goodwill Industries. What a ride. The before picture accompanying this article had the most votes on B101.5’s website. Of all the finalists, a local teenager was the big winner.

Her room was, from my experience, typical of a teenager’s room. The difference is that she wanted a change –- well, maybe mom had something to do with it, too. Anyway, she graduated high school with honors (huge honors), has a college scholarship, has determined her career path and was ready for a “grown-up” bedroom. I have to say that I am so proud of her. She eliminated about 75 percent of her old stuff and her old self. She is a lady on a mission. The before and after pictures are just amazing, and I’ve shared two with you.

The key to making all of this happen is that she didn’t hang-on to her past. She kept a few precious mementoes and released the rest. If there was a question about whether she should hold on to a something, we’d ask the question, “Does this define who you were or who you are going to be?” She was then easily able to make a decision.

I’m well aware that this can be difficult for those who are older and have more memories. However, here is the caveat –- decisions have to be made. Change isn’t easy and doesn’t happen without making smart decisions, which can be hard decisions.

In about 24 hours (total,) we transformed her room into a beautiful and organized space where she can find everything that she needs. She a place to do her makeup and a place to study. Most important, everything has a home.

When we asked how she felt about keeping her room this way, her eyes got big and she yelled, “Absolutely. It will be so easy because I know what I have and where it belongs.”

Need help? We have a team of organizers ready to help you transform your space. Our goal is to Transform on a Dime…When you don’t have time!

Linda Clevenger is owner of Organization Direct. Contact her at 540-220-5912 or at [email protected]

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