Chatham Bridge Weight Limits Set to Protect Structure

Chatham Bridge Weight Limits Set to Protect Structure

By Susan Larson
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will be posting new weight limit signs for Chatham Bridge, where Rt. 3 crosses the Rappahannock River between downtown Fredericksburg and Stafford County near Chatham Manor.
A scheduled annual inspection of the bridge found continued deterioration of the bridge’s main steel beams, VDOT said.

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River Road Closed for Chatham Work

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park is restoring views to and from Chatham Manor, the Georgian-style mansion that served as a Union command post and military hospital during the Civil War.
“The vista of Fredericksburg from Chatham as seen in countless photographs over the past 150 years is one of the most famous views in the region,” a park official said.  That view has been obstructed by the growth of trees and underbrush.

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